Research groups and projects

Information about our research groups and current projects

The research at the institute is divided into different research groups:

  • The research group Reaction Engineering deals mainly with heterogeneous gas-solid reactions in fixed bed reactors, as well as gas-liquid and polymerization reactions.

  • The focus of the research group Morphology Evolution & Transport in Porous Media is on the prediction of the formation of porous structures in different materials during the manufacturing process and the prediction of transport properties.

  • Based on the concept and design of process engineering processes, the research group Apparatus & Plant Design selects and designs suitable apparatuses and plant components and plans plants, taking into account aspects of production, construction and operation.

  • The research group Polymer & Membrane Technology develops ionomer membranes especially for use in fuel cells, electrolysis and other (electro-)membrane processes.

  • The research group Particle-based Functional Materials aims to develop functionally optimized materials for various applications in the fields of environmental protection (exhaust gas catalysis) and energy conversion (e.g. hydrogen production, fuel cells).

Detailed information on the research groups and current research projects can be found on the following pages:

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