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Reaction Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Nieken

What is the focus of our research?

The technical implementation of heterogeneous gas-solid reactions in fixed-bed reactors at high temperatures is a focus of our work. We deal with issues of energy integration under stationary conditions ("milli" reactors) with integrated heat exchange and transiently operated reactors, where the fixed bed also serves as a heat exchanger.

Flatbed reactor with side outlets

Technical reaction systems are subject to reversible and irreversible changes, which depend on temperature and gas atmosphere. Furthermore, microscopically distributed storage materials are added to compensate for fluctuations or improve performance. The determination of the coupled rates of reaction and storage are investigated by means of fast transient changes of the gas atmosphere and described using reactos models. One application is exhaust aftertreatment in vehicles.

Furthermore, reaction engineering problems in bubble columns and in polymer reaction technology are dealt with.

The common goal of the research is to link the know-how on the micro- or nanoscale with engineering descriptions for technical devices.


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