Research group

Polymer & Membrane Technology

management: N.N.

What is the focus of our research?

The research group Polymer and Membrane Technology at the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering has been involved in the research and development of ionomer membranes for 20 years, especially for fuel cells, electrolysis and other (electro) membrane processes. In the last 7 years 11 research projects in the research area of ​​fuel cell membranes (Landesprojekte Baden-Württemberg, national projects (DFG, BMBF), 1 EU-project, 1 industrial project) have been or will be worked on. During this period, approximately 30 patents have been filed, some of which have been granted worldwide. In renowned peer-reviewed journals, the research group has published 62 publications in recent years. In 2001, our research group received the "Fuel Cell Award Silver", donated by the Economic Development Region of Stuttgart, Daimler AG and EnBW AG, for their research "Non-fluorinated high-performance ionomer membranes for use in H2 and direct methanol fuel cells".


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